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Titusville Florida is extremely fortunate to be ideally located as a paddling destination.

To the East of town is the beautiful Indian River Lagoon, North America's most biologically diverse estuary, where you can be paddling alongside of Dolphins, Manatees, and mangrove lined shorelines populated with thousands of wading birds, osprey, and many other species. A quick peek straight down off the side of you kayak or canoe reveals a whole new world among the shallow seagrass beds which make up the basis of this most incredible ecosystem.

Farther inland, freshwater environments associated with the St. John's River prevail, with a myriad of ponds and connecting creeks, as well as the river itself, all providing exellent opportunities to see a primative side of Florida most people only see in movies.

In addition, a suitable seakayak can always be launched from Canaveral National Seashore's Playalinda Beach, for oceanic and surf kayaking.

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Photo by Rick Shafer.



Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge There are quite a few public access roads that offer canoing and kayaking access to large portions of both the Indian River Lagoon and the Mosquito Lagoon. These roads are marked as access roads and can open up a vide variety of kayaking and canoeing opportunities. Some of the more popular paddling sites are listed just below.
Dummitt's Cove Cove opening to Indian River Lagoon, Mangrove shorelines, wading birds, estuarine wildlife.
Haulover Canal Haulover canal connects Indian River Lagoon to Mosquito Lagoon providing access to both. Great place for dolphin and manatee encounters. Rookery Island (listed below) off the canal's northwestern corner.
Rookery Island Rookery Island can be found off the canal's northwestern corner, and is the closest island when looking straight out from this point. Rookery Island is a designated rookery preserve, with no human landings allowed, which has promoted intense use by many species of birds to raise their young, an absolutely amazing spectacle viewed from a canoe or kayak.
Canaveral National Seashore
Eddy Creek
Click here for security closures for launches and post Sept. 11 concerns
Actually the remenants of an ancient inlet connecting the Mosquito Lagoon to Atlantic Ocean. Estuarine ecosystem paddle among manatees, dolphins, and estuarine birdlife.
Shipyard Island Canoe Trail Accessed from the North District of Canaveral National Seashore. Estuarine ecosystem paddle among manatees, dolphins, and estuarine birdlife, with several designated primative island campsites.
Playalinda Beach Sea Kayaking option in the Atlantic Ocean, Dolphins, occasional manta ray sightings and even an occasional right whale sighting in the winter.
Turnbull Creek Turnbull Creek drains Shilo Swamp into the very northern end of the Indian River Lagoon. Heading north from the put in at US 1 takes you into the swamp, A beautifully wild paddle! Heading south takes you through a salt marsh habitat loaded with birds and to the Lagoon itself. Two wonderful and different experiences from one put in point.
Fox and South lakes Freshwater lake and marsh habitat, wading birds, ducks, alligators, otters, etc.
Six Mile Creek Provides canoeing access from S.R. 46 about 3.5 mile west of I-95. Paddling to the north from here takes you to a small lake and wet prairie that forms the headwaters of the creek. Heading south from the put in takes you to Salt Lake, Loughman Lake, and eventually to the St. John's River.
St. John's River Several access points, freshwater habitat, Numerous birds and other wildlife, views of vast floodplain
Econlockhatchee River Can be paddled in three stages with the first stage being the most difficult. Put in and take out points for each stage. Shuttle services available. Habitat ranges from dense cyprus forest with sharp turns and varying currents near SR-50 to a broad slow moving river near it's conclusion at the St. John's River.

Hi, and thanks for checking out these paddling pages. Feel free to email any questions you may have concerning canoeing, kayaking, or any other outdoor subject in the Titusville area.

While I'm at it, I'd like to say thanks a great bunch of friends who helped me gather the info, and provide photos for these pages. People like Lauralee Thompson, Betty and Cary Salter, Rick Shafer, Dave Rich, Tom and Alys Arceneau, Rose Sroda, and Kevin Shufelt. Thanks to you guys, these pages almost look presentable!

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