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When you consider the lands managed by the U.S. Fish and Game Service (Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge), the National Park Service (Canaveral National Seashore), the St. Johns River Water Management District, the Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands (EELS) program, and the Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department, The North Brevard County area around Titusville has one on the highest percentages of publicly owned land of anywhere in the State, offering a variety of hiking opportunities.

These trails showcase a variety of our local habitats, from salt marsh, maritime hammocks, mesic hammocks, pine flatlands, coastal strand, coastal scrub, Atlantic Coastal Ridge uplands, and freshwater marsh habitat, all of which provide opportunities to view much of our native flora and fauna. Some of these species are unique to these particular habitat and are found nowhere else.

This page is a quick reference table just below with links to two other pages. Page one details primarily dayhikes on Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, Canaveral National Seahore, and in several parks and refuges within Titusville. One exception is the Beach Camping available from the North end of Canaveral Seashore.

Page two details areas to the west of Titusville within the St John's River drainage basin. These are more challenging hikes, some of which offer primative camping, as well as off road bicycling and horseback riding.

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Photo by Dean Richard Pettit.






Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge
Cruickshank Trail 4.5 mile loop Dayhike Easy, well drained Elevated Dike around Salt Marsh
Oak Hammock Trail 1/2 mile loop Dayhike sometimes
Palm Hammock Trail 3 mile loop Dayhike Sometimes
Hammock, wetlands
Scrub Ridge Trail 1 mile loop Dayhike well drained mostly Upland scrub habitat
Visitors Center Trail 1/4 mile Dayhike wheelchair accessable boardwalk Pond, oak hammock, marsh overlook
Canaveral National Seashore
Playalinda Beach
South District, Titusville
24 miles of undeveloped beach to the north Dayhike deep beach sand Seashore
Apollo Beach
North District, New Smyrna Beach
24 miles of undeveloped beach to the south Beach camping by permit deep beach sand Seashore
Turtle Mound Trail
North District, New Smyrna Beach
.3 mile interpretive trail Dayhike Dirt Tumicaun Indian Exibit
Castle Windy Trail
North District, New Smyrna Beach
1 mile round trip from ocean to lagoon Dayhike soft sand Coastal Hammock, Indian Midden, lagoon
The Eldora Trail To Historic House Dayhike Packed sand Coastal Hammock, Lagoon, Historic Eldora State House
Eldora Hammock Trail
North District, New Smyrna Beach
1 mile of interpretive Coastal Hammock Trail Dayhike Soft sand Coastal Hammock
Enchanted Forest Preserve About 5 miles Dayhike Well maintained Some sand ridge, some hammock
Wuesthoff Park Short easy hike Dayhike fairly easy Wetlands, hammock, and sand pine
North Brevard Walking Trail Short easy hike Dayhike fairly easy Pine scrublands
Buck Lake Conservation Area 10-15 miles of trails Primative camping
Biking, Horseback
Some trails high and dry, some can be wet during certain times. Scrub, marsh, hammock
Seminole Ranch Conservation Area 35 miles of trails Primative camping
Biking, Horseback
Some trails high and dry, some can be wet during certain times. Wooded hammock, grass marsh
Canaveral Marshes Conservation Area 10 miles of trails Dayhike
Biking, Horseback
White trail elevated. Side trails have some deep sand and seasonally wet sections Hammock, Marsh habitat
Tosohatchee State Preserve 30 miles of trails Primative camping
Biking, Horseback
Some trails pretty dry, while others can get pretty wet. Pine flatwoods, Cyprus stand, marsh, hammock.

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