Turnbull Creek (North) Aerial

Turnbull Creek can be found just North of the Brevard County line in Volusia County on US-1 between Scottsmoore and the Town of Oak Hill. Heading south on US-1 you will pass the merge between SR-3 and US-1, then cross a bridge over a railroad track. Just south of the bridge the highway crosses Turnbull Creek on a level bridge. It is fairly easy to miss until you're right on top of it, so slow down real soon after the railroad bridge. Here is where you put in. From the South, you will see the railroad bridge before you see the bridge over the creek soon after entering Volusia County. If you cross the raised bridge over the railroad tracks you have gone about half a mile to a mile too far. After putting in at the US 1 Bridge, you have two choices, into the swamp (North) or towards the Lagoon (South). Paddling to the north takes you from the beginnings of the salt marsh habitat near the bridge, and rapidly the vegetation changes to a more freshwater environment. There will be a point where the treeline seen across the marshgrasses merge across the creek, but there is an small opening to fit through. Then the scenery changes dramatically. You find yourself in a narrow creek and shaded by trees growing from the wetlands until the creek opens into a most beautiful pond, shown in this photo in the upper left corner. Parts of the crrek cannot be seen in this photo as the creek has a heavy canopy of trees over it, but once there in your boat, the channel is pretty obvious. I also know that the creek seems to turn to the right and may extend all the way to the canal shown at the right side of this photo, but I have never attempted to follow it all the way, yet.