Econlockhatchee River Map

The Econlockhatchee River is one of the last unspoiled rivers in Central Florida, and can be paddled in three sections.

The first section (9 miles), and is not shown on this map, starts at State Road 50 west of Titusville and can be a difficult paddle, but is probably the most beautiful section to paddle under a junglelike canopy of cyprus. Water levels are highly variable on the Econ, as it is called by locals. Expect lots of portages at low water. At high water, the current is strong and the actual course of the river is hard to determine. There are lots of sharp bends and getting lost afloat among half submerged trees is a distinct possibilty and river reading skills are an absolute necessity. Strainers should be expected and of course, avoided. At middle water levels this can be an absolutly beautiful paddle. Call Hidden River Park at (407) 568-5346 and ask for Don for river conditions. The park also provides rentals and shuttle services.

The best paddling on the Econ for more casual paddlers or those not familiar with the river begins at The second (and the most popular) section at County Road 419 (#1 on map) near Oviedo where the river opens up to reveal 15 foot high sandy banks lined with oaks and cabbage palms. Check for wildflowers in this area. There may be weed jams in this area, portages are difficult in some sections due to the high banks. there are places along this stretch to pull out and picnic and plenty of wildlife to be seen. This is considered a classic Central Florida paddle. Take out for this section will be at Snow Hill Road, (#2 on Map)and shuttle services can be arranged through Hidden River Park.

Below the Snow Hill Road bridge, the banks are lower, while cypress trees and clusters of cabbage palms line the banks. About 6 miles later the river as the tree-lined banks give way to pasture land and the marshes of the St. John's River. Stay in the boat here as much of the land is in private hands. About 3 miles later, the Econ enters the St. Johns. Turn left once entering the St John's and paddle 1.5 miles to the S.R. 46 bridge, (#3 on map) which is clearly visible from the mouth of the Econ. The takeout is at the northwest corner of the bridge. This last section from Snow Hill Road to the takeout at State Road 46 totals about 11 miles. Care should be taken on the St John's due to the possibilty of heavy powerboat and airboat traffic.